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Reiki is an energy therapy based in quantum physics. While it may seem new, it is actually thousands of years old!
A one hour Reiki session is so relaxing that it is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep at the deepest levels! Reiki also resets the endocrine system removing stress hormones from your body. In addition, it works on rebalancing your body emotionally, psychologically, and physically! Because of the hertz levels Reiki works at, your body and your mind benefit from a Reiki Session! If you are completely stressed out, give Reiki a try! All you have to do is lay down and relax...let Reiki do the rest!
Did you know......
Because Reiki is based in quantum physics and is an energy therapy, you can receive a complete Reiki session distantly! It is absolutely possible to receive the same treatment weather in person or distantly. That is the power of Reiki!
Reiki Pricing
Per session: 
In Person - $75.00
Distance Session - $60.00
Package of 4:
In Person - $250.00
Distant Sessions - $200.00
Pet and Owner Reiki Packages:
Note: Owner session lasts 1 hour while pet session may last 30 minutes to an hour.
In Person - $125.00 (One pet and one owner) *
Distant Sessions - $100.00 (One pet and one owner)*
* additional discounts may apply for multiple pet/ multiple owner Reiki sessions!
If you are unsure of Reiki Distant Healing, call to set up a free ten minute Reiki mini-session! Limit one free mini-session per person.
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