Animal Health and Harmony -
Initial assessment plus first acupressure session :
During the initial assessment, I will go over the background of the animal which includes: any chronic or accute medical conditions the animal has or had, psychological issues, physical issues, diet, environment, and overall patterns in behavior. Once the initial intake session is complete, the acupressure session will begin. Reiki may also be given to the animal during this session at no additional cost. The initial assessment and treatment may last from one and a half hours to 2 hours.
Cost: $105.00
Follow-up acupressure session :
Because the complete background of the animal has already been discussed, I will briefly go over any changes in the animal since the last visit. Once any changes have been discussed, I will then proceed to start the acupressure session on the animal. Reiki may also be given to the animal during this session at no additional cost.
Cost: $85.00 per follow up session
Package of 4 follow up sessions: $300.00
Surgery Package:
If your pet is scheduled to have surgery, a combination of Acupressure and Reiki may be very helpful in: strengthening the constitution of the animal prior to surgery, reducing bleeding, reducing scaring, reducing pain, reducing recovery time, and getting the animal to feel better faster.
Package includes: The initial assessment/treatment, 1 additional pre-operation treatment and 2 post-operation treatments.
Cost: $195.00

 Reiki Session for your animal: approximately 30 to 60 minutes:Note: The length of the treatment is determined by the animal. One hour of Reiki is equivalent to 3 hours of sleep at the deepest level. In addition, Reiki works on a physical, emotional, and psychological level working towards resolving any issues that your pet may have! Reiki is great for relaxing animals with high stress and anxiety. It is also very supportive for animals nearing the end of their life.  In addition, Reiki can be sent to your pet distantly. If you are leaving for an extended period of time and are worried about the stress or anxiety this will cause your pet - Schedule your pet a Distance Reiki Healing Session!Cost: $85 - in person or distant healing. 

Animal Communication :Interesting in knowing what your pet is thinking? Want to gain deeper understanding of your pet? Want to connect with a pet that has crossed over? Schedule a session over the phone or in person (Chicago Area only)!!! Over the phone sessions may also include a distant healing/chakra balancing using the pendulum.

Half Hour: $45.00
Full Hour: $85.00

Multiple animal discounts available! We know that cost matters and that you may have a limited amount of resources. We are here to work with you for the benefit of your pet. Generally, our pricing structure is simple and straight forward. Our pricing is subject to adjustments based on services and needs. We will gladly keep you abreast of additonal charges, so you won't be unaware. If you are unsure of your financial responsibility, please ask—we want you to be comfortable with all aspects of Animal Health and Harmony. 

 Animal Health and Harmony's Promise to You and Your Pet.Your best friend deserves a long, happy, and healthy life. At Animal Health and Harmony we promise to:• Respect your animal’s wishes
• Help you take the very best care of your companion animal
• Work cooperatively with your trusted veterinarian  
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